Why I shifted away from Apple’s productivity tools

It’s been about 4-ish months since I made the switch from Apple’s Notes, Reminders, and Calendar apps to other alternatives and I don’t think I will be going back.

Currently, I have been using Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft To-Do, and Google Calendar and to be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t make the switch sooner. When I first switched, I was not very used to the user experience at all on the Microsoft platform but eventually, it grew on me. I guess I should be open to more change now.

Why change?

Well, the main reason is that I shifted from a Macbook Pro 2015 to a Thinkpad, which is running Microsoft Windows. The only way I could have accessed my Apple tools would be on icloud.com, which was not very stable. Also, I could never figure out how to access Notes successfully without it crashing on me.

Another reason was the strange syncing that I experienced with Apple’s software. iCloud syncing is great, but I found it too slow for me compared to the faster syncing times I get with Microsoft and Google. I am a person that likes fast and accurate results, so that was a plus!

Benefits of changing?

Let’s see… well, one of my favourite things about the switch is that Microsoft OneNote, To-Do, and Google Calendar are all mainstream tools. For example, OneNote and To-Do have apps for iPhone and Windows, which allows me to directly access them on my laptop, desktop, and phone. Google Calendar is also available to access online on any web browser and can be easily added to most calendar software.

My current setup has Google Calendar synced on Microsoft Calendar and Apple’s Calendar app. This has been a huge timesaver compared to whatever I was doing with Apple’s productivity tools.

Data migration

Migrating my files and data over to Microsoft and Google were super easy. As I didn’t have many notes on Apple Notes, I could just copy and paste whatever I had onto a new note, and even made some colourful sections on OneNote to divide them.

Apple also offered an “Export” feature on the Calendar for me to export all events and then import them into Google Calendar rather than me manually setting up recurring and existing events.

To-Do was a no-brainer, as I usually just put my daily tasks on Reminders, it was all just about me typing in what I had to do today.



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