My Github profile goals for 2020

My current profile

I’ve had my Github profile for a few years now and it’s always been more or less very bland. I never really invested any time and effort into ramping up my Github. Honestly, I feel like I have to start doing it for 2020.

On my profile as of now (Feb 17, 2020), I have 2 public repositories, my personal website hosted on Github Pages and a project I slapped together at uOttahack 3 this February.

This does not look good right off the bat, and it certainly does not look attractive. In the next section, I’ll discuss what I plan to do for my profile.

angusleung100 Github profile
My current profile page

The plan

Profile picture

Alright, my profile picture is the first to get changed. I plan to take an up-to-date picture to replace my picture that has my professional head-shot for several years.

This might be a small step but it makes a big difference. People will see a new face rather than the same picture that I had and I will definitely feel better myself as well, as it signifies a “refreshed presence”.

More projects == more repositories

Obviously, this is something I have to look into. Currently, 2 repositories do not really make my profile stand out, so I will have to think about what projects I will upload to Github and show off the code.

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable showing off code. Some of my projects I feel I could spin into a business or something for fun. If someone sees my code, it also reveals a lot about me, such as flaws and coding style, which I am not always confident about.

My target for this year would be probably 10 repositories and as much green as I can get into my monthly Github contributions chart on my profile. I barely have any green squares on the chart so I hope to make a virtual lawn on Github (^-^).

angusleung100 Github contributions chart
Contributions chart

I don’t think I will necessarily do any open-source contributions on other projects like Mozilla or the Bitcoin Core source code but I might consider if I feel passionate about something.

Passion is a good drive and I think that once I find a project I use and that needs a patch, I will have some motivation to contribute, such as a library or framework.

Diversify skills

My skills are mainly in PHP, Java, C++, Python, and MySQL. Both of my projects on Github are HTML, CSS, and PHP stacks, so I definitely have to look into growing my skill set and what I build my projects with.

LAMP stack is one of the fastest to deploy, but MEAN is gaining traction and I have to look into it eventually to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

More online presence

Online presence! I can never forget about that! I am trying to use Twitter and my other Instagram account more for odd tech and events I go to in order to build more presence.

My Twitter does have a link to the blog but my Instagram doesn’t. My Github does have a link to my personal website, which has a link to this blog.

For 2020, I’ll have to keep working at trying to grow my online presence and popularity on Github, as recruiters and fellow developers will have a greater chance of seeing my projects.



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