Why I choose Trello

I have been using Trello for over 6 years now and I absolutely love it. I feel like I’m quite loyal to Trello and I think I will always be. So, what exactly makes Trello my favourite task organization platform?


Trello is an organization platform that simulates a bulletin board across digital platforms. Trello itself is currently owned by Atlassian, which also owns Bitbucket. It has several pricing tiers from free up to enterprise prices.

The board layouts

The bulletin board system is a very nice way to display your tasks and Trello does a beautiful job of making the lists and cards visually appealing. Gone are the days of physical boards at the office and as we welcome the cross-platform Trello app, it is well worth it.

Sample Trello board that I made
A sample Trello board that I made

The design is sleek, fast, and easy-to-use. When you create a list, it is as simple as pressing a button and the board support drag and drop for both cards and lists.

Trello even allows exporting and importing cards and lists from other boards, and templates for easier board creation.

Even the labels are awesome, and even though the alternatives to Trello do have them, I still like the look of the Trello labels. I’m not sure if it is because I’ve been seeing them for so many years and they grew on me or if the Trello team did a really good job on the UX design.

My uses of Trello

I use Trello mostly to organize projects, such as the blog and other personal projects. Most of my personal projects follow a basic board template which includes: To-Do, In-Progress, Review, Complete, Notes, etc.

In most of my boards, I use the Calendar plugin as I find that planning out target due dates were annoying and visualizing the events on a calendar would be better.

In some projects, I also have the Github add-on so I can attach a branch or pull request to a certain card. (Yes, I know Github usually uses GitKraken, but I like Trello).

Despite using the free option, I still find it bundled with enough features to fit my needs, but there are some times where I feel like I should upgrade, such as when I want to add more add-ons to my boards.



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