My next project for fun

Being rather curious and while thinking about my next post idea, a test drive of a blog post series came into my mind.

The project

The project itself is rather simple and it shouldn’t take very long to complete. In essence, it is a “paper wallet” for a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and so on.

My “paper wallet” will be designed and made by me, and I will try my best to record the process. I think I will produce this as both a blog series, as well as a video vlog. I have never tried vlogging so this might be pure cringe at first.

What is a paper wallet?

A paper wallet is a physical version of a cryptocurrency wallet that holds the private key and/or the 12 words that are used to restore a wallet. These should be kept safe and secured.

Current progress

So far, I have not really progressed much, but I have started designing on both paper and in Microsoft Paint how I want it to look like in general.

Mockup design for the paper wallets
Mockup design for the paper wallets

My next steps are to make a mock version with the dimensions for the end-product on paper and then attempt to replicate on 3D modeling software. I’ll keep you all updated on the next post!



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