My paper wallet project update #1

So, I’ve been sitting at home and trying to wait for the amazing next-gen lecture experience that is coming to us and I decided that I should probably work on the project while I’m waiting.

Current progress

To date, I have the mockups drawn up in Microsoft Paint and have started working on a website for users to generate their own and print it.

Coloured mock up of paper wallet
Coloured mock-up of the paper wallet

The website itself will most likely be hosted on Firebase Hosting and Database. I always was curious about Firebase so I think I will finally figure out how to use it properly.

Behind the scenes, the website uses Skeleton as a head start and overall looks clean (in my opinion). The colour scheme that I chose was rather simple but attractive, and so far there are two pages: homepage, order.

Website for paperwallet creation
Website for paper wallet creation


As I figure out the Firebase Database stuff, I will probably also work on a contact page, repository link, and work on my own physical test version of the paper wallet.

I also need to look into allowing people to create their own wallets, the option to order a printed version, and a dedicated gallery for the creations to be shown.

I haven’t mapped these out yet on the road map but the plan does change a bit once I get some inspiration. For now, I’ll sign off for the day!

To check out the project:



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