My paper wallet project update #2

Alright, with the second update for this project, I bring you some small but interesting advancements to the paper wallet project. If you haven’t checked out the first post of the series, you can check it out here.

Current progress

As I’m working on the website currently, I have continued working on the paper wallet creation form and have made it redirect to a page that will display the paper wallet for a user to print.

The back-end

The entire website as said in the previous update will be hosted on Firebase. I can’t believe Google decided to let me host this on there for fun and as a developer!

Of course, as Firebase is mainly used for its database and storage features, as well as app function hosting, I decided to make the entire project back-end in pure vanilla Javascript.

I was originally going to use Google Charts QR Code API but it was deprecated. So I found “QR Code Generator” instead, which offers an easy-to-use GET request API to generate the codes.

What I found was a challenge and took a while was trying to submit the wallet creation form and load the data into the wallet.html page. I was going to try using Node.JS but it seems that Node.JS was a bit overkill for this project.

The original idea was to use a POST request but had to change it to a GET request instead in the form so I could use the URLSearchParams function. This surprisingly worked, and I think I’ll keep it like that.

The wallet.html page so far
The wallet.html page so far


Up next, I’ll look into the wallet.html page and making the wallet front and back sides. I’ll also be making the empty wallet front/back templates so the user form data can be put into the template.

The project is going well, but with the latest events in public health, I can’t 3D print a wallet anymore.

To check out the project:



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