My paper wallet project update #3 (The final update)

This is most likely going to be the final update on the paper wallet project as I’m pretty much done working on the website.

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, I can’t quite go out to 3D print an actual hardcopy paper wallet, but at least I can create one.

Wallet page
Wallet page

Current progress

I have finished working on the front and back templates for the wallet creation, organized the images and CSS code, and updated the repository with the latest version of the project.

So, based on the typical dimensions of a credit card, I created the templates with the same dimensions in Microsoft Paint.

I then decided to use some CSS magic to make the wallet front and back sides look like they do on the wallet page.

This process took a lot of trial and error. but eventually turned out great when I remembered that I could use centimeters as a size parameter instead of attempting to convert it to pixels.

In the end, I didn’t use Firebase’s functions or Node.js at all for the entire project. Vanilla Javascript got the job done and all I really needed was GET requests on the API calls.

The website came out pretty decent and I finally slapped the MIT License on it. It’s also public on Github so you can check it out.

I would like to give a shoutout to Skeleton for the awesome front-end design experience. I first used them at uOttaHack 3 in February and it gets the job done. Really hope they further expand the framework.

To check out the project:



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