Summer blog plans

As summer fast approaches, I think it’s appropriate timing to start planning out what I’m doing for the summer. I guess that despite the COVID-19 outbreak, people are still going to find something to do, as long as it isn’t travelling. But, what exactly do I have planned?

The plan

For starters, since I am pretty much stuck at home for the rest of the summer, I will be taking a summer term at the university to pass the time. This will pretty much take up the first 3 months of my summer, leaving me with the month of August to really work on some personal projects.

I have coding projects, the blog, and some other hobbies that I have planned. Well, I’m at home anyway so I might as well make myself productive.

Working on the blog

The blog has been growing slowly and I enjoy that very much. However, my ideas for new posts has been slow and I need some time to plan out and draft more posts.

The idea of working on a Twitch stream and YouTube channel have also arose and I might look into having more of a presence on those platforms as well. Twitch streams will most likely be just me coding and the Youtube channel will be vlogs and maybe reviews.

My goal for the YouTube channel is to complement the blog rather than replace it, since I still absolutely love typing out posts instead of talking to a camera and I am a little camera-shy.

Interviewing people

I used to do this but I haven’t done it for a long time. So, pretty much I want to start interviewing people and their companies again, get to know them, and discuss their field, background, and so on.

I have yet to think about whether I will just post a transcription on the blog with a podcast-style video or just have a video and description on a post. I’ll spend some time in the next few weeks planning that.


I’m not sure how productive this summer will be, but I guess we shall see at the end of it how much I’ve accomplished. I really hope the blog continues to grow over the summer and I’ll be releasing some more interesting content down the road.



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