I accidentally fell in love with Microsoft Office

Long story short, I accidentally fell in love with Microsoft Office and have been using it heavily for the past 8 months. This has certainly been an unprecedented turn of events but I think I want to explain why I got addicted to using such a piece of software.

The Microsoft Office Suite

To give some background, I’ve been using Microsoft Office as a student thanks to the university for the rest of my degree. I’ve been mainly using Google Sheets before as it was portable and readily accessible wherever I went. I then tried an offline editor as I found Google Drive didn’t offer me a good enough file when I exported to Excel.

Beats its competitors

I have tried LibreOffice, Google Drive, OpenOffice, and yet, I still found Microsoft Office package to be the best out of them all. Microsoft includes a variety of apps and software with the Office plan, and even Evernote and Apple’s own software could not deter me from OneNote and MS To Do.

Okay, some people will probably disagree with me and say Evernote is better. I am not saying Evernote sucks, but merely saying that as a full package, Microsoft OneNote feels more inclusive as I have the full Office suite at my disposal.

Microsoft has spent years perfecting Office and a lot of companies use it. Despite Google Drive giving Microsoft a little competition, I’ve noticed that Office is still the most popular for people I talk to, and I can’t disagree much as the feeling of Office outmatches anything I’ve ever used.


I believe, like others as well, that the biggest drawback for Microsoft’s glorious creation is the price tag. Microsoft has released two different options in terms of Office suite plans. There is a one-time payment option and a subscription-based option.

The one-time payment option is pretty much the regular Microsoft Office that we used to see, with a lot of stuff cut out of it unfortunately. This option includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. This is surprisingly a decent amount of software, as Evernote and Notion free options could easily be paired up with Office to give you similar feels.

The big change in this day and age is Office 365. This is Microsoft’s latest creation that takes advantage of recurring payments. This pretty much includes anything from the regular Microsoft Office, plus a LOT more stuff. OneNote, Publisher, Access, OneDrive, and Outlook are included in this one.

To be honest, I don’t even use Publisher, Access, and Outlook. However, I do enjoy that OneDrive can sync my Notebooks in OneNote so I can have them across multiple platforms.

And there you have it! I am very much leaning towards continuing to buy a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 after I graduate and surely, it is a worthy sacrifice of $10 a month for an amazing productivity experience.



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