Is Internet of Things really the future?

Internet of Things, also known as the “Smart” thermostats, hubs, and robots around your house. Yes, they are here to make your life easier and allow you to control it from anywhere, but are they what we need in this day and age?

Yes and no

I’d have to say that my answer is yes and no, but I just mainly want to throw my ideas out there. I have never used IoT devices much so I do not have a solid experience with them but I can say based on what I read and study that I can form an opinion.


Let’s face it, these Internet of Things devices make everything so much easier and you can literally monitor your own house anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet.

These devices can help you manage your household security, create shopping lists, clean, and be your companion in general.

With so many people using their phones nowadays, these devices get more and more accessible to everyone despite the high price tags.

With IoT devices, you can check on your house while partying in the Caribbean, read while a robot disc cleans your house, or a virtual AI assistant reminding you of when your next appointment is.

The 21st Century vision

It has always been in our best interests to seek improvements to human life and certainly Internet of Things is a step in that direction. The sheer amount of computing power used for these devices is already a representation of our capability.

Futuristic stories and such always picture us living in “smart” houses, with automated everything and life is easy. Despite the obvious loss of jobs to automation and the economic adapting of humans, these changes are in theory… good.


As we keep installing and incorporating these IoT devices into our homes and lives, we create this habit, a dependency for them. This is NOT as good as we think it is.

What if the power goes out? Will we have any idea how to clean without the robots? Do we even know how to change the thermostat? We aren’t at the stage where we can just drop all our household tasks, but in the long term, dependency on these devices grows and grows and we should be careful.

My security concerns

Security is the biggest problem I feel is the drawback for me in these smart IoT devices. What if a hacker gains access to your security camera? They will certainly be able to see and control your entire security system and might even stage a raid. They could stalk you and blackmail you even. They could scare you with your own smart hub or mess with temperature control and torture you.

The more we steer into the realm of digital devices, the more it exposes us to security and mechanical failures. I have confidence in the companies that create these such as Google and Amazon, but certainly even the best can have failures. We are human and mortal after all, we can never properly make something go how we want it to go.



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