Starting to look more into mobile development

It is currently around mid-June and as I’m continuing my online classes and weathering the self-isolation measures that the government has placed upon us, I might as well get back into mobile development.

Choosing my weapon

I originally messed around with mobile dev using Apple’s Xcode IDE and projects using Swift. However, after switching back to a Windows laptop, I lost access to a Mac OS computer, so I decided to look elsewhere for other tools.

I knew that you could make apps with React Native (JavaScript), Xamarin (C#), and Flutter, but I found none of these very enticing. For example, Xamarin uses C#, which is a great programming language and is similar to Java, but it isn’t a widely used development tool for mobile. Flutter’s syntax was straight up foreign to me and I wasn’t in the mood to learn a new language until at least August. Lastly, React Native was very close to becoming my choice, but I decided against it since I still really wanted to do native development rather than using a framework.

So, in the end, I went with Android Studio using Java. This gave me the ability to easily create virtual testing devices through Android studio, install the IDE on any computer I wanted and gave me my wish of working on a native Android tool. I would have used Kotlin, but after seeing it in action at cuHacking a year ago, I’m much more familiar with Java despite their similarities.

Yes, native development increases the cost of development and requires more design skills to make a multi-platform app identical on all devices, but I started with native dev and I might as well continue with it. Also, since I’m doing native, I get direct access to the native APIs instead of going through a framework, so I actually know what’s going on when there’s a hardware or compatibility issue.

Progress so far

To date, I have successfully messed around with and changed the background of an app and created 3 buttons that can alter the text in a TextView.

My next step will probably be to learn how to transition from different screens and load/display content on the app. I will continue this learning until I can work with REST APIs and get data from my databases, and that’s where the real fun begins

Goals with mobile development

Mobile dev has grown over the years heavily and I want to dip my toes into it. I have an interest in creating my own apps and will probably create some for my pet projects. My front-end skills are not the best but I will keep trying to improve them, and maybe I might even get a developer account and release some apps on the app stores! We shall see, in the meantime, I’ll just be learning and vibing.



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