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Free web hosting is always something developers should look for in order to host their side projects to show off cheaply and effectively. Compared to doing everything on a local machine, a hosted project can be easily accessed by fellow developers, recruiters, and even users down the road!

Since I have been trying to find places to host my projects, I decided to create a list of hosting providers for web, database, and development environments for fellow developers to check out. All resources listed do not require a credit card, which I found was a big hurdle for younger devs who have no credit card. This means that the items on this list are accessible to the majority of people. If you love the hosting, you might even consider upgrading to a paid plan as well.

Web hosting

  • Firebase Hosting (HTML, CSS, JS)
    • Up to 3 projects on the free plan
    • Can host static sites and javascript
    • Integrate with Firebase functions for more back-end features
  • Netlify (HTML, CSS, JS)
    • Hosted static sites on the free plan
    • Integrate with Netlify functions for more back-end features
    • CI/CD integration with Github and other git providers
  • Vercel (HTML, CSS, JS)
    • Pretty much the same as Netlify for web hosting features
    • Integrate with Vercel functions for more back-end features
  • Github Pages (HTML, CSS)
    • One hosted static site for each Github account
    • CI/CD through Github
    • Site repository must be public on Github free plan
  • Gitlab Pages (HTML, CSS)
    • Pretty much the same as Github Pages for web hosting features
    • Hosted static sites for users and groups
    • CI/CD through Gitlab
  • Bitbucket Pages (HTML, CSS)
    • Pretty much the same as Gitlab and Github pages
    • One hosted static site per workspace
    • CI/CD through BitBucket
    • Site repository can be public or private
  • IBM Cloud (PHP, .NET, JSP, and others)
    • Only a few hosting options with Lite plan
    • Web hosting is through IBM Cloud Foundry service
    • CI/CD through IBM but can connect to other git providers
    • Don’t try to deploy a massive project onto Cloud Foundry on a Lite plan
    • Must figure out how to use IBM Cloud CLI and configure deployments
  • Glitch (HTML, CSS)
    • Can host static sites 24/7
    • Site project can be public or private

Database hosting

Development and Testing Environments

  • Glitch (NodeJS)
    • 5 min timeout for idle projects (Projects running)
    • Option for private or public projects
  • Gearhost (.NET, PHP)
    • 20 min timeout for idle projects (Projects running)
    • FTP and deploy from git providers
    • Support for MySQL and MongoDB
  • Heroku
    • 20 min timeout for idle projects (Projects running)

Other Hosting Tools

  • Cloudflare (CDN)
    • CDN hosting for project files
    • Security features to protect website projects

There you have it! I understand that there are other free hosting services that might pop up in the future or I missed, so I’ve decided to also create a new page on the blog to display this list. This page will include the free hosting services from this post, as well as free useful tools for helping with the development process.

Note: Use these services at your own risk, and do be careful when you use them as to not accidentally rack up a huge bill if you do not know what you’re doing.



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