Starting an online brand business with Thred

Creating a brand business is lucrative and an interesting hustle for the aspiring entrepreneur. A few months ago, a friend showed me a project that a few students at the university were working on. Of course, I had to check it out, which went by the name “Thred”. I got in contact with the creators of this app, tried it, and think it’s time to shed some light on it.

About Thred

ThredApps was started by two engineering students at the University of Ottawa with an emphasis on custom merchandise designs. The Thred app overall is designed as a social media platform, with the ability for users to create and post their own merch designs to the platform, be followed by others, and explore designs made by others.

Currently, the Thred app itself is only available for IOS, with an Android app under development.

Social Networking Meets Print-On-Demand

The biggest factor that sets Thred apart is the thought of merging social media and print-on-demand services. Print-on-demand services such as Teespring and Redbubble also offer you the ability to create custom merch. However, these focus on store-style displaying of products rather than showing the products as social media posts.

In this day and age, social media is continuing to grow in popularity with a lot of influencers and marketers using it. Social media has now become a new place to advertise and market products to consumers through clever product placements and partnerships.

I would have to say Thred has done a nice job positioning themselves in a niche position where expressing yourself through your art can be rewarding. Alternatively, to likes on Thred, users can also order the product posted by the creator for the set price and create a passive income stream.

My Own Brand on Thred

On April 9, I started off with creating a new Thred account apart from my personal account. I ended up calling this brand “The Bay Street Financier“. Since I am very fond of finance and investments, I decided to center my brand business around investment jokes, internships, and crypto.

Thred profile for @thebaystreetfinancier.

Creating Products

This is where the fun starts, where you can create custom products with Thred. Thred itself has a built-in customization system that allows creators to draw, write text, and import images onto a product. Currently, Thred only has t-shirts and face masks for creators to customize. There are also options to select the colour of the shirt you want the design to be printed on.

I found the only problem with the customization system was that I had to manually make a t-shirt design for each shirt colour I wanted, instead of allowing a customer to select the colour when they add it to cart. I think it would be nice to somehow have the option to add bulk colour select.

Below are some t-shirt designs I ended up making just for the fun of it:

Marketing and Strategy

Despite being a social network itself, Thred still hasn’t achieved the monthly traffic and user base to overtake Instagram or Facebook. As a result, I decided that I would expand the marketing and generate traffic to both my own Thred profile, as well as onboarding new users onto Thred using Instagram.

On the Thred product customization page, there is a button to save a picture of your design. I’ll be using this by showcasing the designs I’m offering on the Instagram page with the hopes of getting people to visit my Thred page.

Instagram page for marketing and showcasing for the @thebaystreetfinancier Thred page


Since the current Thred platform has only t-shirts and face masks, there aren’t much options to choose in product variety. However, it’s good enough to start a brand business. When the Thred team decides to release more merch options for creation, such as hats or backpacks, I’ll look into making some designs for those as well.



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