My Youtube expansion and Twitch stream

I wrote a few months back for my “summer blog plans” post on how I was planning to expand my blog into a Youtube channel, but also ended up deciding to expand to a Twitch stream as well. I think I have procrastinated taking the opportunity to expand to video-based platforms enough, so I went ahead and created a Twitch and Youtube channel to complement my blog.

The Youtube Channel

It’s still a work in progress but as said in my plan, I wanted to use the Youtube channel to vlogs and reviews, but I have thought about using it to host interviews with people, with the interview video on the Youtube Channel and a link to the interview transcript on the blog. In this case, I’ll still be driving traffic to the blog and not freak everyone out with a “wall of text” in the description page.

I’m not really the kind of person to vlog so I’ll probably drop that idea but the reviews idea is also decent. I’ll have to continue building my following though in order to get companies to notice me and send review units for newer products, but in the time being, I’ll see if I can set a budget and get my hands on some products already on the market.

The Twitch Stream

The Twitch stream is where I’ll be attempting to be productive and possibly coding. I don’t usually like streaming myself with a webcam and all but it’s a new experience so it’s okay.

Currently, the only streams I’ve had on it are from me studying and working on the blog. After two streams of studying, I realized that somehow I ended up being less productive than if I studied alone and self-isolated. Even though the productivity streams I’ve seen on Youtube and Twitch, such as GirlKnowsTech and HelloMayuko have been mostly successful, it seems my attempts at studying and interacting with the Twitch chat was not a good idea. I think I’ll just stick with working on my blog, surfing the web, and coding for the Twitch stream.

What I’m working on so far for both


  • Channel banner art
  • Planning out the first videos to get viewers and subscribers


  • Keep a steady stream schedule
  • Stream interesting content

Even though the list of things I’m working on isn’t much, it’s mostly just making the Youtube and Twitch channels attractive to viewers. Of course, it might take a while to get them off the ground but it should be a fun project. I’m currently juggling the university rocketry club, the blog, and some pet projects, so hopefully both Youtube and Twitch can give me some more content for the blog.

Links for Youtube and Twitch are below:



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