The Hunt For A Summer Internship Begins

The hunt for a summer internship begins as the summer comes to an end. Some companies have already posted their internship applications already but others will be posting around the fall and winter seasons. Since we are experiencing a global pandemic, the job hunt will be even harder than previous years, but nevertheless, these ideas to find a summer internship should be useful even if there isn’t a pandemic and recession combo pack.

Set Up Or Updating Your LinkedIn

The first of the ideas to find a summer internship is setting up or updating your LinkedIn profile. This is a big one to look into, as LinkedIn is perfect for networking and giving people a glimpse of your resume without actually giving a resume. If you haven’t set up your LinkedIn and you’re trying to find a job in a certain industry, it will be difficult without an idea of where to start. Traditional career fairs and conferences are still a golden place to give your resume, but people can keep in touch much better through LinkedIn.

Here are some ideas for LinkedIn:

  • Update your profile with a professional headshot
  • Add some skills you have gained or forgot to add
  • Add some projects to showcase what you have done

Revamping and Updating Your Resume

Most of these ideas overlap but that is good, because you can get a few things done at once. Everyone knows a resume is mandatory to apply for a job, but even if you have a pristine resume, you might as well look over, see if the formatting is easy to read and update it with the latest experiences and contact info.

Here are some ideas for your resume:

  • If you have side projects related to the field, you can look into adding them in
  • Keep the resume relevant and get rid of redundancy. Your potential employer does not exactly have to know about your interest in bug catching if you’re working in software development.
  • Get rid of the headshot picture, apparently, it’s posted everywhere that having a picture is not a good idea.

Set A Career Or Job Goal

Everyone has to have a goal, and you should probably get that short term or long term goal sorted out before you really start thinking about building a career. Setting your short term goal of what you want for a summer internship allows you to plan out the steps to apply and increase your chances to get that interview.

Here are some ideas for setting a goal:

  • Think of which company in your desired field you want to work for
  • Look at what you’re interested in and aim for positions that let you do that for the entire internship
  • Have an overseas place on your mind? You can plan out how to get that overseas internship as well!


This definitely overlaps with showing off and LinkedIn, and it makes getting your resume to the right person so much easier. Networking also allows you to potentially ask questions to people that already work on what they do, their pros and cons of the job, and tips for getting the job.

Here are some ideas for networking:

  • Use LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to contact your connections
  • Go to conferences and hackathons to meet new people

Get Your Skills Up

You’re going to need some skills to back up your resume and show that you actually are worth hiring. Since my field is software and computing, it is essential that I keep up with the latest changes in technology and be proficient with some programming languages. Just make sure you don’t make a fool out of yourself and actually practice your existing skills, and learn new ones.

Here are some ideas for getting those skills up:

  • Look at job description for the job you want and see what skills you’ll need
  • Run through some coding challenges on Leetcode, mock interviews, and technical questions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off

Your resume and LinkedIn already show you off but might as well start up some more projects and increase your activity in the field you want to work in. This will at least put your name out there, but just make sure not to be too much of a showoff to the point of overestimating yourself.

Here are some ideas for showing off:

  • Create a following on Youtube, Instagram, or even a blog to showcase your activity
  • Engage with like-minded individuals at hackathons or conferences and tell them about your activity


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