I really need to stop thinking of new pet projects

I may or may not have yet again decided to start a new pet project despite specifically telling myself that I will be taking a break from pet projects that involve coding. Certainly, it seems that I have already failed my goal of a mental cooldown from coding-related pet projects within a week of deciding on the break.

I Feel Like Building Something

I got very bored of not building anything and felt that I needed to satisfy my need to design and build, and recently I got back into watching Twitch streams for one of the MMOs I loved playing. This combination seemed to have proven lethal and I ended up spending about 2 hours one night designing a side project around gathering data from the game’s logs.

Skills, Skills, And More Skills

I have a list of software and tools I really want to try out and implement into my projects, and of course, they would be nice to put on a resume as well. For example, I really want to do something with load balancing, Perl, C++, and Svelte, however, I could never find a good opportunity to use them in projects.

When I create a project, I look at a list of things I know, what I could use, and what I want to use. Perl is definitely on the top of my list but my new project, which I think I will explain in a future post once I’m done making a working version of it, does not use Perl at all. I literally cannot find any use for Perl in it, and after calculating my hosting costs for next year with other projects and Youtube channel expansion totaling around $400, I kind of need to cut back on costs.

I needed a Java project and this new project was it… sort of. The project is currently split between PHP, NodeJS, and Java and I’m not really sure if I want to release my project or not for public use. This is also the first project where I am actually going to try implementing unit tests to make sure functionality is working properly, as the amount of testing I have to do for the Java part of the project has reached the point where unit tests are needed and I can no longer manually test.

I Still Have A Project To Finish!

Yes! HK Housing Stats is still in the works and I have yet to finish! I’m in the process of slowly translating the website to Chinese alongside my slow journey of learning more Chinese. I rarely have an opportunity to apply my Chinese skills so I’m not wasting this one. My mother has so far roasted me on my Chinese skills and I am in need of an opportunity to improve, so I know what I will be doing for winter break!

The Game Plan

I now have the blog, HK Housing Stats, and this new side project on my work bench and I have just given up on trying to stop myself from creating new projects. I’ll eventually realize this is getting out of hand and just delete all my project ideas so I can’t be tempted to make them.

While that’s going on, I’ll probably just keep slowly working on the pet projects as usual. I should still be on track to launch my project publicly in the new year and using it for some Youtube content.



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