Coming back from a posting hiatus

It has been well over a year since my last blog post and I think this blog deserves some attention again. So, what about the blog’s direction, my platforms, and whatnot? I guess I’ll have to try answering these questions in this post and I honestly am not even sure what to say. Sit tight, I’m going to write down what comes to mind and hopefully, my thoughts will be pieced together in the post!

What I’ve been up to over the past year?

The past year has been mostly school, work, and trying to readjust back to pre-covid life. I’ve only really been planning for the blog and haven’t actually been doing anything for content creation so this is the first post on the blog in a while.

My social media presence and platforms

Overall my social media presence has always existed, however, I have only really been active on Instagram and the occasional late-night tweet on Twitter. With the blog, Youtube, and my attempts at Twitch being tech-focused, I found it more of a chore to come up with content ideas and usually end up having writer’s block.

I have several notable social media accounts that I maintain for myself:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

However, I have also been trying to add Youtube, Twitch, and… I can’t believe it… but Tiktok as well to the list.

My presence on social media has been stagnant these past few years and has barely moved, the blog also has been stagnant due to lack of posting and I think I’m spread out too thin in terms of university, work, play, and whatever this hobby is.


My thoughts for the past while were to pivot and have debated back and forth on the idea, but I finally realized why I had so much interest in pivoting:

  • Not much interesting content ideas only in tech, it limits my creativity to only certain topics
  • I’m adventurous
  • I like taking photos and sharing more on Instagram
  • I’m trying to do more video content to provide a better way to show places I visit and experiences (hence the YouTube)

I want to change it up and just focus more on being a person who posts pics, videos, and shares interesting photos about things that I see and experience. The blog just isn’t a very good place to share travel and food posts, and it would just be too much of a hassle to have 2 blogs.

For Twitch I felt a bit self-conscious when people were watching me code and I just couldn’t come up with enough things to do on stream that were tech-related. I ended up just making it more or less a place to hang out. I think I will just keep it like how it is currently and have casual game nights where I play games and chat.

Youtube was split into 2 channels, my regular life channel, and a tech channel. Since I haven’t done anything on both of them, I’m going to only focus on the regular life channel.

The blog?

In terms of the future of the blog, I have put some thought into it and think I will try to preserve the posts and overall website. One thing I surely will have to look into is a cheaper host since I do not anticipate large amounts of traffic, which means I can cut some costs down.

I did consider exporting all posts and pages and migrating to a static site on Jekyll but it just doesn’t have the same feel and look to it as a dynamic WordPress site. However, it is significantly cheaper to do and I kinda want to keep the old posts around, so I will begin migration soon. The domain will be kept and hopefully, but I think I will redirect it to a my Twitter or something. Some of the more technical older posts and pages for things such as the Awesome Free Dev Tools list and No-Code resources list will be shifted to the static site too.

I will keep the blog and hosting up as is for the rest of the year but won’t be renewing my web hosting, so hopefully I get it done in time!



Student, Blogger, and Developer, with an interest in fintech, aerospace defence, and finance.

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